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Currently, I am a senior lecturer with Torrens University in the Bachelor of Health Science degrees (Naturopathy, Clinical Nutrition and Western Herbal Medicine). My areas of specialty include Anatomy and Physiology, Pathophysiology, Biochemistry, Nutritional Biochemistry and Pharmacology.

I also lecture at post graduate level for qualified health professionals. These lectures are used by clinicians to contribute to their continuing professional education (CPE) on an annual basis.

Undergraduate university lecturing involves not only the weekly delivery of lectures each semester, but the grading and assessment of student exams and assignments. For post-graduate education, I work with professional associations or post graduate education providers on clinical practice or research based topics, typically as live lectures, seminars, webinars or online courses. This service can include the writing, researching, editing, peer-review, recording and presenting of undergraduate and postgraduate scientific and clinical education.

Many undergraduate students find their science subjects incredibly challenging. I feel great satisfaction when I can make difficult scientific concepts less arduous for students.

My ultimate satisfaction is when a student enters the lecture theatre in week 1, dreading a science subject, only to leave their semester completely intrigued by their new found understanding. They complete the subject realising they CAN understand the work. Many of my students develop such a love of science, it has become their most enjoyed subject. Observing students leave confident, rather that believing they are ‘not good’ at science is a huge honour as a lecturer. I feel very privileged to have this role.

In some (but not all) academic institutions, academic researchers are expected to lecture as part of their research appointment. Lecturing students may not be their primary focus. I choose to do this work because I love it. Seeing students and long term clinicians having a ‘science epiphany’ moment is what drives me to always improve on my delivery and content. I am also a huge believer in good quality education being a basic human right for all of us, children and adults alike.

If I can teach someone enough that they can then go home or to work and teach themselves, then my teaching was a success.

Please note that my undergrad lecturing appointments are currently at full capacity for semester 1, 2021. Please contact me if you wish to discuss your post graduate educational project.