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The Science
of Naturopathy

Education for the Integrative Medicine profession, students of Integrative Medicine and our patients.


As a Naturopath, I assimilate my experience as a Medical Research Scientist with every aspect of patient care. I believe both skill sets are essential to understanding human health and disease. I completely support many aspects of Orthodox Medicine, but I refuse to miss an opportunity to educate my medical colleagues on the incredible evidence based aspects of Naturopathic Medicine.

The foundation subjects of Medical Science are where the evidence for much of Naturopathy exists; my aspirations are to bring these into focus, either through  my lecturing, research, clinical practice or communications work.  I have lectured for undergraduate universities since 2008, and at post-graduate level since 2013. I have extensive scientific experience and derive great enjoyment from helping students (and clinicians) understand the more difficult scientific concepts of their studies.


Medical and Health Media Communications

Over the years, my work in Medical Science and Naturopathy has naturally crossed over into medical and health communications.

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Undergraduate and Postgraduate Courses

Currently, I am a senior lecturer with Torrens University in the Bachelor of Health Science degrees. I currently lecture in Nutritional Biochemistry.

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Clinical Practice

I have been a practicing clinician since 2007. As both a Naturopath and a Medical Scientist, I focus strongly on evidence and science based practice.

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My Values

I bring over a decade of experience working in medical research and pathology laboratories to clinical practice. I am a committed academic; after 12 years lecturing, I know where students and practitioners struggle with scientific concepts. I am not an academic who is expected to lecture to keep a research posting. I genuinely love learning and sharing knowledge. My aim is to take someone lacking confidence in science from “I was terrible with science at school” to “I love this subject. It really is easy to understand. I do understand the more difficult concepts. This will help me improve my clinical practice”.


Evidence Based

I do not like myths. I love to explain the science that underpins certain diets and diseases. I love to explain how complementary medicines work in a scientific way.



I believe too many modern health professionals are influenced by fads, social media and commercial affiliations. This is not how I work. I seek to establish facts and I look for integrity within this profession.



I believe that true experts in the health and medical field are well credentialed and well educated. They have experienced clinical practice with patients from all walks of life.

About Annalies

Since early childhood and school, I have possessed a love of the sciences, the human body and learning; an insatiable desire for learning. At 21, I graduated university as a Medical Scientist going on to work as a medical researcher (Oncology/Cell Pathology), for the Royal Children’s Hospital (Genetics), The Australian Institute of Sport (AIS Sports Science) and both public and private hospital laboratories (Haematology, Biochemistry, Microbiology and Immunology).

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