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Over the years, my work in Medical Science and Naturopathy has naturally crossed over into Medical and Health communications.

Depending on the project, I create written, audio and visual education for the general public, universities, students and other medical/health professionals. Personally, this is work that I both enjoy and take great pride in. Bringing credible science communication to the general public is essential, but it is so important to keep it intriguing, pragmatic and enjoyable. Regardless of the audience, I do this work to share science, to educate and inform, and to intrigue people with the amazing simplicity and complexity of human health.

Typically, I receive commissions to either lecture, speak or write about current topics in health and medicine. My communications clients include academics, health professionals, editors, producers, publishers, journalists, Not for Profit organisations, PR managers and content curators. A commission may involve my choice of a topical subject in health/medicine in order to inform an audience, or I will be asked to write about a specific subject. I produce evidence based written, audio or visual knowledge that is intended to educate an audience from a health professional’s perspective. The process involves close consultation with a client to discuss their desired deadlines and their ideal professional outcome. I take time to ensure what I create avoids the typical dry logic of a purely academic piece.

My process is to take purely academic material and instil a sense of intrigue, while providing pragmatic takeaway information that someone would find useful in their everyday life.

My media work includes the research, editing and peer review of the final piece, be it written, audio-visual or live speaking/recording. It includes full literature review and appraisal of current medical science to deliver material that is based on facts.

Regardless of the medium or audience, I always communicate from an unbiased, factual and evidence based angle. My aim is to always make these concepts fun and interesting for the audience, as medical science communications can at times be dry and uninteresting for those with a non-science background. I enjoy helping people realise that science, health and medicine are concepts that can be understood, they are not just the realm of a scientist or doctor. I love to demonstrate the obvious links between biochemistry, physiology and genetics and Naturopathy. Explaining the science behind Naturopathy is at the forefront of every aspect of my work.

I only create work that I would want to read or listen to myself, so it needs to be different to everything else being produced.

I find that in health and medical media, the same topics are often repeated year after year (even decade after decade), presenting nothing new. This frustrates me, as I am sure it frustrates other health practitioners and perceptive consumers of health education.

I sometimes plan media work up to 12 months in advance, depending on the size and location of the project. Please use the correspondence form to send through your communications request.