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I have been a practicing clinician since 2007. As both a Naturopath and a Medical Scientist, I focus strongly on evidence and science based practice, mainly using the modalities of clinical diagnostics, clinical nutrition and western phytomedicine. I work closely with pathology laboratories, medical teams and allied health to integrate all advice and prescriptions into a shared-care practice.

My clinical areas of interest are the biochemistry and pathophysiology of Immunology, Metabolics and Endocrinology.

A referral or letter from your GP/Specialist is required. Please note that my clinical practice is currently at full capacity, with a wait list for new clients of greater that 6 months. This is too long for new patients to receive adequate healthcare. As such, my bookings have recently closed for 2021. 

My recommendation for finding a Complementary Medicine practitioner? Ensure they are full member of the NHAA, ANTA or ACNEM (in Australia). These professional associations have the most robust CPE (Continuing Professional Education) standards.