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I have been a practicing clinician since 2007. As both a Naturopath and a Medical Scientist, I focus strongly on evidence and science based practice, mainly using the modalities of clinical diagnostics, clinical nutrition and western phytomedicine. I work closely with pathology laboratories, medical teams and allied health to integrate all advice and prescriptions into a shared-care practice.

My clinical areas of interest are the biochemistry and pathophysiology of Immunology, Metabolics and Endocrinology.

A referral or letter from your GP/Specialist is required.

2024 Update: Appointments are full and currently closed for new referrals whilst I complete Masters research. 

My recommendation for finding a Complementary Medicine practitioner? Ensure they are full member of (at least) one of the following professional associations the NHAA, ARONAH, ACNEM or ASLM (in Australia). These professional associations have the most robust CPE (Continuing Professional Education) standards, plus the highest standards for both medical/health science university education.