Welcome and thank you for your interest in my work.

My career in science spans 20 years.

I completed my Bachelor of Medical Science degree at Charles Sturt University, specialising in Pathology. My big interest was genetic research. I was fortunate to spend many of my clinical laboratory internships at the Murdoch Institute (Royal Children’s Hospital, Melbourne).

After graduation, I worked as a medical research assistant, investigating the epidemiology of cervical cancer in relation to the Human Papilloma Virus (HPV). In 2000, I changed focus to sports physiology. I commenced work with the Australian Institute of Sport (AIS) in Canberra, joining their Department of Sports Science and Sports Medicine. I worked with Australia’s leading sports scientists, doctors, dieticians and elite athletes. Being a perpetual student, I craved a higher level of knowledge in this area. This lead to studying advanced physiology and medical biochemistry at Macquarie University.

My focus changed again.

Sports physiology was fascinating, but I missed the more medically related fields of science. I then worked as a medical scientist in both hospital and private pathology laboratories. To keep a very long story short… It was during this time that my decision to study nutritional medicine full-time was made. It was not made lightly! I  observed 12 months of clinical sessions with nutritionists at the Royal Military College (Duntroon), the AIS, The Australian National University, The Canberra Hospital, Sydney Sports Medicine Centre, the NSW Institute of Sport (NSWIS) and the University of Sydney Human Nutrition Unit.

After 12 months deliberating a career as a Dietician or a Naturopath, I returned to full time study and completed my Bachelor of Health Science degree with the University of New England in 2006, specialising in Naturopathy.

During my second degree, I balanced university studies with work at Australian Biologics Testing Services, a private pathology laboratory in Sydney. I was also their laboratory manager for two years. Immediately after graduation, I practiced full-time for 2 years with one of Australia and New Zealands’ leading allergy clinics, becoming their head practitioner after 12 months to train all our new practitioners. I then began both solo practice and practice with Dr Ian Rafter in Sydney.

In my clinical work, I have been fortunate to conduct hundreds of face to face appointments. I have not, and do not practice online.  This has always been done without diets or deprivation. I work in all areas of health care and disease prevention. Advice and treatments address not only your physical symptoms, but also on identifying and treating their causes.

Academic work:

I have been a lecturer since 2008. I am a senior lecturer in the Faculty of Health Sciences, Australasian College of Natural Therapies (ACNT). Areas of specialisation are Anatomy and Physiology, Chemistry/Biochemistry and Pathophysiology in the Bachelor of Health Science degree.

Other areas of lecturing have included all areas of Nutrition, Herbal Medicine, Pharmacology and Pharmacognosy. I have lectured at Nature Care College as an invited guest speaker. In 2012, I added lecturing at the postgraduate level to my lecturing schedule, for the Continuing Professional Education (CPE) of qualified practitioners.

Tertiary Qualifications:

Bachelor of Medical Science (BMedSc)
Bachelor of Health Science- Naturopathy (BHSc)
Masters of Health and Medical Communication (Candidate, University of Sydney)


Professor Susan Holland Fellow (2013)

TEDx Sydney Fast Ideas Finalist (2017)

Professional Affiliations:

AAIMS (Australasian Institute of Medical Scientists)
AACB (Australasian Association for Clinical Biochemists)
AMWA (Australasian Medical Writers Association)
MACNEM (Australasian College of Nutritional and Environmental Medicine)
MNHAA (National Herbalists Association of Australia)
MATMS (Australian Traditional Medicine Society)

Professional Appointments:
Editorial Board, Australian Journal of Medical Herbalism (AJMH) (2011-2013)

NHAA Board Member (Examiner: 2011-2013)

Scientific Advisory Board Member, MINDD Foundation of Australia (2016-current)

NHAA Examiner Associate (2016-current)

Unsolicited testimonials…

“After my consultation yesterday, I just wanted to say thank you not only for your professionalism, but your dedication to your work. You indeed care about the future of our health and the environment which sustains us. I always enjoy speaking with like-minded people. The experience always leaves me a richer person in knowledge and it’s reassuring knowing that there are those who care and are passionate about making a difference.

Annalies, it was a pleasure to meet you and I thoroughly look forward to putting your plan (my plan) into action! You are indeed a credit to your industry. If only every medical centre had a Naturopath with your knowledge- we would see a massive decline in the many degenerative illnesses that plague our societies today.

Good health to you”.

  • Ms E. H, Melbourne

“Dear Annalies,

Thank you for your time and effort over the last few months! You’ve made chemistry utterly fascinating for me (where were you when I was 16 and struggling with the periodic table?) and I really enjoyed the passion and enthusiasm you brought to class.

I felt that your handling of the timetable was masterful, especially how you completed the syllabus on time, had review classes and still had plenty of time for discussions of various topics throughout the term!

And your rules regarding mobiles, latecomers and talking in class certainly made lessons less disruptive.

The tutorials were invaluable as well. The best one, for me, was the one on CHO. Your explanation on the naming clarified things beautifully. It was like, AHA! I also enjoyed going through past papers/questions.

Thank you for patiently explaining everything to me, and not minding that I kept running around in circles until I got it.

3 things that I learnt, outside of the syllabus, were:

– Anna-ade and your germ juice

– Ketogenic diets are not all evil

– sunbathing nude is the best thing for vitamin D synthesis

Thank you! If you’re having holidays as well, have a great time”!



“Dear Annalise,

I would like to THANKYOU so much for your wonderful and insightful lectures last trimester. I am sorry it has taken me a while to get this message to you as holidays have involved much needed rest after all the pressure of exams that last week.

I have so much  joy and gratitude for your lectures and all your support throughout a very challenging subject. You were a marvellous lecturer and you opened my eyes to the amazing and wonderful world of chemistry with the added suprise of discovering my passion for it. I believe you had a lot to do with that, you made chem fun, interesting and you empowered us to believe we can do it!
Nature is just a world of light for me and this amazing opurtunity to follow my passion has been nothing short of a gift!

I have you to thank for making the begining of this journey one of great insight and faith in those who endevour to help others.
You were so supportive and your knowledge is so inspiring.

Thankyou for your time, your efforts and your wisdom.

Know that you have inspired me to be great!

I hope to see you at college”.


“Hello Annalies, its Aaron here,.

I just wanted to say thank you so much for teaching me chemistry and biochem. I really enjoyed every class and learnt so so much, I’m going to miss it. I struggled back in high school with the subject, but you really helped me to understand it all, now I love the subject! I’m proud of my results so far. You’re such a passionate wonderful teacher. Thanks! I hope your having a lovely break. Take it easy”.


“Thanks Annalies. It’s all because of you. You explain things so well, that’s why I was able to get these marks. – Farah.